What is your Neue Heimat and what does it look like?

Under our motto "Neue Heimat" we invite you to create a new home together. We want to develop this vision with you, to fill it with life in order to create a new feeling of cohesion in the city. With the postcard campaign we ask you: What is your home and how should it look like? The motto of the application "Neue Heimat" can be supplemented with a word of your choice - this is how new combinations of the motto are created. "Courageous Heimat", "New Scene", "Living Heimat" or "New Responsibility" are some examples of how the personal feeling of Heimat can be described.

"For the term "Heimat" there are as many different definitions as there are citizens in our city. With the third postcard survey we want to get to the bottom of the term "Heimat" in Dresden and ask people: What is your home country and what does it look like? On the other hand, we invite you to play with the motto "New Home" and create variations," says Annekatrin Klepsch, Second Mayor and Deputy for Culture and Tourism.

How can you participate?

The postcards are available throughout the city. You can put your answer in our mailboxes at the Bid Office Dresden 2025, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Societaetstheater, tjg., Museum of Transport, City Museum, Central Library and the town hall. Or send us a photo of the completed card to kulturhauptstadt@dresden.de or post it on our social media channels (@dresden2025, #dresden2025).

You can participate until the end of August 2019, after which we will evaluate the contributions in 2025 and present some selected contributions at an exhibition in the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden from October 2019.