Dresden 2025

Dresden 2025

Now the critical phase of the application begins. The year 2025 seems to be in the distant future, but preparations are already underway. For months, the Bid Office Dresden 2025 has been working on the application together with curator Michael Schindhelm, cultural experts, actors from Dresden institutions, the independent scene and citizens. We developed the main theme of our application from all the discussion events and conversations under the working title "Culture of togetherness":

Neue Heimat Dresden 2025

The focus in 2019 lies now on the creation of the bid book. 60 pages will be submitted to the Kulturstiftung der Länder at the end of September. No number of pages for a novel, but still a document that should move. Because it's all about the future of our city. The title "European Capital of Culture" will only be awarded to a city whose application aims to make a significant contribution to its future, but also to the future of Europe, and which is in a position to do so.
So what do we want to change in Dresden, what do we want to retain? What stories can we tell, and to what extent are they relevant for Europe? Dresden's application book will answer these questions and thus shape interdisciplinary, culture-driven urban development.
Why do we apply and what makes Dresden unique? This question is essential not only for the jury, but also for our entire strategy. Why should Dresden become the European Capital of Culture in 2025? Just as Europe is the old continent shaped by culture, Dresden is an example of the old European city shaped by culture. But Dresden is not only exemplary for the historically grown cultural wealth, but also for the current crisis of the continent. Social tensions are unleashed on the streets, there is a constant struggle for one's own history. Dresden is looking for answers for a common future - by applying for the European Capital of Culture, we want to respond jointly.
Together with the people of Dresden, we want to develop the motto "Neue Heimat Dresden 2025" as a vision, fill it with life and create a new feeling of cohesion in the city. Under the motto, the themes that cause rifts and open conflicts throughout Europe play a role: Am I ready for the technological change of my everyday world or do I reject it? Do I continue to support our basic democratic principles or do I consider them outdated? Am I a winner in economic development through globalisation or am I on the losing side? Am I willing to invite people of other origins and religions into my society or do I want to be isolated? Again and again these or similar questions lead to disputes or even violent conflicts. Under the umbrella of "Neue Heimat" we want to find ways and means to steer this dispute in other directions with the help of culture.

Michael Schindhelm
Kurator der Dresdner Bewerbung

Our motto is an invitation to Dresdeners and the people in Europe and the world to help create a new home. This home will be new insofar as the people in Dresden, in Germany and in Europe will have to face challenges which globalisation brings with it with increasing complexity: These include in particular questions relating to social justice, migration, digitisation and urbanisation. This home will be new in the sense that people will not hide behind cultural traditions and political borders, but will seek answers to these questions together. We invite you to do so. The answers do not require unanimity; on the contrary, they demand diversity. This homeland will be new in the sense that it does not dismiss familiar concepts of homeland, but continues to shape them. After all, it will be new because it has many houses and apartments, because Dresden, Germany and the world meet in it. There can be no more important task than working on the community of a new home.

Many European cities and countries are currently engaged in heated discussions about the future of Europe. Dresden is making a very specific contribution to these debates in three areas that no other city can offer in this way. In this way we can make a decisive contribution to shaping the future of Europe.

We apply with the following topics:

The title will contribute to urban regeneration, strengthen the international profile of the city, improve the view of Dresden from the outside and inside, stimulate tourism and culture.
Dr. David Klein, CEO Bid Office Dresden 2025
Bid Book

Bid Book

On Friday, 27 September, the Bid Office Dresden 2025 sent the bid book for the title "European Capital of Culture 2025" to the Kulturstiftung der Länder under the motto "Neue Heimat Dresden 2025".

Curator Michael Schindhelm, the Bid Office Dresden 2025 and many other actors from the Dresden City Society have worked intensively on the strategy and programme in recent months. The local graphics agency pingundpong designed the 60-page application according to fixed - and uniform - specifications for all applicants.

The Process

The Process

Find out more about the application process and the criteria.

Annekatrin Klepsch
Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism

The Capital of Culture can give an important impulse to bring the city society together. An application for the title is not primarily aimed at a great year full of international events that quickly fizzle out, but aims to shape and support long-term developments. The exchange of experiences with other Capitals of Culture has shown us that this is a huge opportunity. I look forward to the discussion process and the debate that will begin throughout the city.