View of a golden tray with a blue pot, tea glasses and a sugar bowl.
© Mariam Soliman
23. Nov 2019

The Circle of Life

Visiting Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan

For years we have been hearing news almost every day about Syria, Iran, Iraq or Afghnistan. We know that many people from these countries have found their new home in Dresden and as good neighbours we would like to learn more about their traditions and culture.

For this reason some new Dresdeners will show us what part of the day looks like in their country.

At the Syrian table the guests will experience a traditional Syrian morning. With the Iraqi hosts we will be taken into the everyday culture of the "Asrouneh" (meeting to drink tea and snacks after lunch) and the "Qahwa" (coffee). At the Iranian-Afghan tables the visitors are invited to learn more about the "Yalda Night" (the longest and darkest night of the year).

Our hosts agree on one thing: no matter what time of day, neither music nor games can be missing. These are two passions that are equally cultivated in all three countries!

Come by and bring curiosity and playfulness with you!