View of a green bush with two white discs and two black dots that look like eyes.
© Viola Lippmann
15. Okt 2019

Exchange Room – exchange of ideas in exchange frenzy

Platform Youth & Culture

The "Exchange Room" is a platform that aims to network young people with creative artists in the city of Dresden. "#ENT_DD_ECKEN – We beautify Dresden!" is the corresponding introductory project. The results of this will be further developed in workshops at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden on the day of action and summarised in an "Idea Exchange Frenzy" memory.

The platform Youth & Culture is a group of creative and young people, which works on eye level. They learn from each other, because young people define the culture of tomorrow. Through the "Exchange Room" they can get to know each other and implement ideas in an uncomplicated way. The necessary data pool must grow. Everyone is invited to play an active role in shaping the "Exchange Room". The aim is for everyone to be able to find actions or places with just a few mouse clicks where they can contribute to our city or be inspired.

Exchange Workshop No. 1
Start 10 a. m.

Places of learning
Schools as places of learning – who actually determines how and where we learn? How could school be further developed/improved as an exchange space for knowledge and ideas?
We collect and develop your ideas and show in models, collages, pictures or texts how these places could be in the future.

Just one click! – Our vision in 15 pictures
Start 2 p. m.

Exchange Workshop No. 2
Start 3 p. m.

#ent_DD_ecken – We design Dresden
With Urban Art, design the city legally. Between doing nothing and tagging there are a lot of possibilities to shape the public space. We want to collect your ideas, discuss them, present them and implement them with different means.

Short film programme
Start 5 p. m.

The Young Board of Trustees of the Filmfest Dresden introduces itself and shows a small but fine program of ideas. Come along, join us – because we are all shaping Dresden.

Neue Heimat Platform

"How would you show a visitor from another European country the culture of your neighbourhood?" This is what our platform "Culture & Democracy" asks in its project, which it developed for the European Capital of Culture in 2019. The Dresdeners’ answers are to be used to create a cultural trail through the entire city by 2025, for locals and tourists alike. The "Culture & Environment" platform, on the other hand, is inviting people in the spring of 2020 to create a meadow atlas, a threatened wild plant with large yellow flowers, before the plants find a new home on the Elbe meadows. These are two of nine ideas from our platform process.

Cultural mediators speak of participation and sharing: Neue Heimat Dresden 2025 stands not only for culture for all, but culture with all. Our programme 2025 will consist of a curated part – developed by professional artists – and a non-curated part – designed by citizens. This year, 150 people have already worked on project ideas in nine thematic fields, which will now be presented to the public for the first time and implemented as prototypes in 2020.