The GDR Children of Namibia

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Namibia and the reunification of Germany. These two events are connected by about 400 Namibian children, who were brought from the refugee camps of Angola and South West Africa to the GDR from 1979 onwards for their safety. There the children grew up for over 10 years and went to school, until they were brought back in 1990 with the achievement of Namibia's independence and shortly before the completion of German unity.


Our Enthusiasm for "Indians"

It all started with Karl May. A large part of his fictional adventure stories takes place in North America, where the noble chief Winnetou and his blood brother Old Shatterhand had to endure countless adventures. The readership was enthusiastic about May's Wild West and to this day the writer is regarded as the best-selling German-language author. In a discussion round the different facets of our enthusiasm for "Indians" are discussed and presented by connoisseurs of the scene.