Neue Heimat platform

Neue Heimat platform

The central project "Neue Heimat Platform" is an elementary participative instrument of the Bid Office Dresden 2025 in order to mobilize society for the great challenges of the future together with as many cultural actors in the city (and beyond) as possible and to depolarize the current cultural-political discourse.
It sees itself as an offer to every initially local actor who, outside his own "four" walls, sets himself the task of creating prototypes of X-Culture in community with others. These then generate new formats, relationships, contents, competences, values within society, both in Dresden and in other European cities and beyond.
The Dresden Capital of Culture programme will not only be developed by artistic directors, but to a large extent by the people of Dresden themselves. Starting in 2021, these will work on it in platforms in cooperation with city districts, local institutions and international partners.

What has happened so far

The participation process started in early 2019 with a kick-off event in Dresden's City Hall. Around 350 interested people from the independent scene, cultural institutions, clubs and associations as well as academia were invited to discuss socially relevant topics. In nine working groups on the topics of Urban Society; New Memory; E-Culture; Culture & Environment; East & West; New Art; Third Places; Youth & Culture and Culture & Democracy, initial ideas were collected on how to deal with the challenges of the future. On 22 June 2019, a symposium took place on the occasion of the Open City Hall Day, at which the theme tables offered the opportunity to give an initial insight into their work and thus to convey impressions of concrete project ideas to a broad public.

The next steps

From 11 October, the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum will function as a showcase for Dresden's application. Here not only the bid book will be presented, but also the entire process with all participative processes, including the platform. The thematic tables present their projects here.

Kick-Off 2019

Open Call

Open Call

We are looking for planners, inventors and thinkers who want to make Dresden the Capital of Culture with us.

Right from the start, we involved the city's population in the process, because the application is to be worked out jointly with the people of Dresden. As early as September 2016, we asked: What should Dresden look like in the future and what contribution can culture make to it? Because the title is not an end in itself, in order to market itself better or to make itself better known internationally. We have the unique opportunity to work with the entire urban society on this question in a concentrated manner.

Actions and Projects




Sponsoring Association

Sponsoring Association

Become active and help shaping the future!

The association accompanies the application for the "European Capital of Culture" and would like to stimulate a social debate about it. It is setting up a network in Dresden and the surrounding area to develop joint projects for the application. The association bundles civic commitment and is the contact for projects, sponsoring and further support.

Dresden is not only sandstone and baroque. Dresden is also a modern, creative craft, chip industry, 5G research and top sport.

Dr. Jörg Dittrich, President Handwerkskammer Dresden

Become a member 

The association actively accompanies and supports the application and is looking forward to new members. Guaranteed helpful, guaranteed hands-on, guaranteed charitable! You can become a member as a person, association, institution or company. Please contact us! You are cordially invited to get involved in this association for Dresden as "European Capital of Culture 2025".